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Training Programs

After getting to know you and your animal companion through our consultation, we will provide you with a detailed and specific-to-you "behavior plan" that will serve as a "road map" for our training journey. 

Our goal is always to work ourselves out of a job - along with helping modify your animal companion's behavior directly, we will prioritize building your knowledge and skillset so that you feel fully empowered to navigate future behavior changes and provide lifelong welfare to your beloved companions. 

Our Lesson packages are detailed below. For our most commonly seen needs, we have designed programs that work from important frameworks while still being customizable for each unique team. 

We never want finances to be the reason a family loses a member. If you cannot afford these options at this time, please email us. We will do our best within our capabilities to assist you.

One Step at a Time

$100 per 1hr in-person lesson

$1000 for our 12 Lesson Program


For those who are looking to understand their canine companions, learn how to meet their needs, teach them key skills to make life together harmonious and joyful, boost their confidence to prepare them for the human world, and modify or create non aggression-related behaviors.

Have you ever seen someone who just seems to have an organic connection with their dog? A relationship where communication seems clear and fluid, and everyone seems happy? One Step at a Time is all about empowering you and your pup to be that team!

We have two goals in this program: 
1. Establish and grow all the invaluable skills your canine companion needs to navigate life in a health, resilient, joyful, and safe manner.
2. Teach you how to hear and speak with your dog, empower you with a whole toolbox of techniques, and provide you with the framework needed for lifelong confident decision making!

Canine Behavioral Therapy:

Addressing Aggression, Reactivity, and Fear

$125 per 1hr in-person lesson

$1250 for our 12 Lesson Program


Aggressive and reactive behaviors are deeply rooted in emotion, mental health, and life experience. Because of this, the diagnosing and modifying of these behaviors requires deeper knowledge, skill, and nuance than your average program.

We are happy to provide educated and experienced guidance to help you and your dog navigate these challenges.


In our CBT Program, we take a step-by-step approach that teaches you how to prevent and avoid emergencies, manage your pup's big feelings in a safe and efficient manner, make space for your own healing, and create long-term lasting changes by bringing healing and learning to the root causes of the behaviors instead of putting a band aid on the symptoms. 

Lodge & Learn

Boarding $100 per night

Board & Train (non-aggression) $140 per night

Board & Train (aggression) $180 per night


Our welfare-first Lodge & Learn program provides a safe and enriching environment where your pup will experience joy-filled, effective, and individualized care and training. 

For pups coming to Lodge & Learn with a healthy baseline, our primary goals will be to create a solid foundation made up of imperative life skills and to teach and strengthen selected cues. 
The minimum stay for this type of L&L is 1 week.

For pups who come to Lodge & Learn with behaviors rooted in fear, stress, panic, and other mental and emotional health-related spaces, the primary goal is to observe, decompress, and possibly diagnose (by partnering with our team of professionals) the root cause of you and your pup's challenges. We can then prioritize skills and cues, create the necessary foundation for continued success, and craft a welfare and behavior plan tailored to you and your pup. 
The minimum stay for this type of L&L is 2 weeks. 

Any Lodge & Learn Program will require four in-home follow up lessons to ensure you and your pup can apply these skills in your personalized daily life. These lessons are offered at a discounted rate of $25 off each lesson.

Trainer Takes the Lead

$100 per OST session

$125 per CBT session

These one-on-one sessions between your pup and us are ideal for jump-starting learning, boosting progress, adding enrichment to your pup's week, or ensuring training takes place when you are booked solid with work and other responsibilities. 

Each Session is tailored to your pup's needs. So what we work on, and where we work are determined prior to the individual session.

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