Training Programs

After getting to know you and your animal companion through our consultation, we will provide you with a detailed and specific-to-you "behavior plan" that will serve as a "road map" for our training journey. 

Our goal is always to work ourselves out of a job - along with helping modify your animal companion's behavior directly, we will prioritize building your knowledge and skillset so that you feel fully empowered to navigate future behavior changes and provide lifelong welfare to your beloved companions. 

Our Lesson packages are detailed below. For our most commonly seen needs (aggression/reactivity and foundation learning) we have designed programs that work from important frameworks while still being customizable for each unique team. We also offer pay-by-lesson or a four lesson package to ensure we can assist with any need! 

We never want finances to be the reason a family loses a member. If you cannot afford these options at this time, please email us. We will do our best within our capabilities to assist you.


Welfare and Learning

Pay-By-Lesson $125
4 Lesson Package $400

For those of us who are looking for some insight on how to meet our companions needs, prepare them for the human world, and modify or create non aggression-related behaviors.
Because most behavior change takes time (for us and our pups!) we offer a four lesson program designed to offer you both support and a discount! 

Aggression and Reactivity

Pay-By-Lesson $150
4 Lesson Package $500

Behavioral Modification for aggression and reactivity behaviors requires deeper knowledge, skill, and nuance. We are happy to provide educated and experienced support as you and your dog navigate these challenges.
Because these behaviors are often rooted in emotions and past experiences, change takes time. We offer an intensive program with this in mind, but are happy to also provide pay-by-lesson and packages. Helping our loved ones should always be an option available to all. 

Living and Learning with Dogs


Our  flexible and customizable 12 week program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate a long, enjoyable relationship with your dog! In this program we will make sure you can communicate effectively with your pup, design and modify a welfare plan to meet their needs, utilize management to modify behavior in and out of the home, and use both operant and classical training methods to help your pup navigate the world! We work hands on with your pup as needed to build behaviors, and ensure you will feel confident continuing from there! This program is an excellent way to set you and your canine companion up for long-term success! 

Understanding and Altering Aggression

16 Lesson Package $2000
24 Lesson Package $3000

This program is designed for dogs who demonstrate human or animal aggression or reactivity. In this program we will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to help your dog navigate the world. We work hands-on with your dog to establish important skills, and gradually transfers these handling skills to you. We don't crank, yank, shock, or shut down your dog. Instead, we focus on the root cause of behavior to create healthy, long-lasting change. This program is designed to move at your pace and work up to real life learning using steps you and your dog can succeed at! We offer a sixteen lesson and a twenty four lesson version of this program.

Additional Assistance


Want to give your pup some extra one-on-one time with a trainer or having a busy week and need to ensure they get a chance to get out and practice those behaviors? Check out our options using the button below!