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At Good Steward Training our philosophy is simple, we believe sharing our lives with animals is a blessing and that we have a responsibility to provide them with the best lives possible. We utilize humane, scientifically proven techniques to help you understand and modify your pets' behaviors. With over a decade of academic and professional experience under our belts, we're here to help you and your four-footed family members navigate cross-species communication and enjoy your lives together.


Meet the Trainer

Founder and head trainer Jennifer Johnson currently holds a Bachelor's of Science in Animal Biology. She's been in the animal welfare and behavior field for a combined decade and has worked with over thirty unique species. Her specialization with canines and other domestic pets began when she worked as a trainer at an animal rescue. Along with her time in the rescue, she has worked at a private training facility, a Humane Society, and a zoo. Her background combines education and animal behavior, helping her to clearly and effectively help you learn to understand your pets behavior and how to modify it efficiently and humanely. Her goal is simple - to help you and your pet have the best relationship and life possible.


"The best kind of training is that in which owner and animal come together to learn and grow not as adversaries, but as a team. They can then walk away not just with success in meeting their goals, but with a greater understanding of one another and a greater enjoyment of the journey they share."


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