Jennifer Johnson

I’ve been a passionate animal advocate for as long as I can remember. I spent much of my younger years being as involved with animals as I could; running “my” pet sitting business, volunteering at a big cat rescue, and (much to my parent’s occasional dismay) taking in animals in need. I currently share my home with my amazing husband and our eight furry family members - four dogs, two cats, and two rabbits (you’ll hear more about them later!). 
This love kept me directed towards a purpose - to make the world a better place for animals. Along this journey I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Integrative Animal Biology, graduating Magna Cum Laude and having participated in research on animal behavior, animal physiology, and human/animal relations. Though my formal education ended with graduation (for now!) I continued to grow my knowledge and skills through independent study including seminars, courses, and research. 
My career in the animal welfare and behavior field spans an exciting decade, during which I have been blessed to be able to enjoy applying the principles of behavior science to over thirty unique species. I have worked for and mentored under some remarkable and well-respected trainers while caring for and training animals like aardvarks, parrots, dogs, lemurs, rabbits, reptiles, cats, ravens, and cheetahs. 
Though working with such a broad range of exotic species was an undeniable gift and something I will always be thankful for,  it was during my work in animal rescues and shelters that I found my truest purpose and passion. I began as a trainer at a private rescue where we focused on dogs that presented with “behavioral issues” that were preventing them from being re-homed. A few years later, I spent time working at a private training facility where I was introduced to the joy of educating pet owners and seeing them grow with their pets. In my most recent position as the Behavior and Training Coordinator at a Humane Society I was able to spearhead a welfare and training program designed to eliminate stress and create positive behavioral change for at-risk animals. Thanks to these amazing experiences, I have worked hands-on with hundreds of dogs - from puppies learning to navigate the world to fearful and aggressive adults. 
It was the combination of these experiences - partnering with owners, developing a “toolbox” full of creative and unique approaches through my work with various species, understanding the underlying issues impacting animal rescue work, studying animal behavior, and working extensively with “behavior cases” including aggression, fear, and hyper-arousal dogs - that culminated in what you see today - The Good Steward Training Company. A company whose primary goal is to improve the welfare of animals and their guardians through compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced guidance. 
I’m so thankful to be here, and I can’t wait to help you and your animal companions enjoy the remarkable relationship and exciting lives you share.


Wet noses and warm hearts

The furry members of the Johnson family.



My furry, four-footed soul mate. Juneau brought joy and love to our lives for almost ten years. She was the greatest of teachers - both challenging me with her determination and intelligence, and patiently guiding me with her communication. Juneau was a great love, and she lives on through the love and joy we see in each family we work with.