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Lodge & Learn

A welfare-first program committed to safety, joy, and skill development.

At The Good Steward Training Company’s “Lodge & Learn” we promise to provide your pup with welfare-centric, evidence-based care and training!

What is "Lodge & Learn"

Our Promises

Our first priority is ensuring your pup feels safe and comfortable - which includes providing enriching activities, calm environments, and emotional support.


While with us, we will select three areas of behavioral need to prioritize. We will discuss these with you ahead of time to make sure we are targeting what will most benefit everyone during and after your pup’s stay! 


We promise to provide your pup with humane care - this means we will not use shock, prong, or choke collars. We don’t use compulsion-based methods, force, or fear to teach, and we never will! Your pup’s welfare will be monitored and communicated with you daily, and their learning will be done in a manner that is enjoyable and harm-free!

A Day in the Life

We base our general daily schedule on a dog's natural cycle of rest periods and activity periods, but adjust it accordingly to meet the needs of each individual. 

Our base schedule looks like:

  • Around 7:30am we wake up and head outside for our morning potty, followed by play, training, and cuddles. Then we head inside for breakfast, which is given in an enriching activity. 

  • Three times during the day - in the mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and early evening - we spend approximately 45 - 60 minutes with your pup providing training and  appropriate physical, mental, and emotional stimulation. Dinner is served during our PM session. 

  • Around 9:30pm we have our final potty, play, and cuddles, then nestle in for the night. Your pup will sleep overnight where they are safest and most comfortable!


Your pup’s primary lodging is a 100 - 150 sq ft personal suite that's made to feel like home!

Each suite has been designed with comfort and safety in mind!


They are fully weather proofed (with the exception of something like a hurricane!) and temperature controlled. 

Inside you will find a cool floor, cozy rugs, a comfortable sofa, an open crate, plenty of toys, and a TV. Each suite also has a camera so we can monitor our guests even when we're not directly with them.

Each suite has a secure access point within our fully-privacy fenced ¼ acre yard, all exterior doors have double locks to ensure your pup is secured safely when unattended, and a secondary fence has been built to prevent other dogs in the yard from sniffing around and causing any stress!

Additional equitable in-home spaces may be utilized based on your pup's individual needs or preferences.

Caregivers and Friends

Myself (Jen) and my partner Johnny will be your pup's caregivers and trainers! 

You can also elect to approve social interaction with partner trainers and approved individuals! 


Unless you are sending us more than one furry friend, your pup will be housed in their own private space. 

If you would like, we are happy to assess your pup’s social skills using a gradual, safety-first process. If we have a good match for playtime, we are happy to offer this to your canine kiddo during their stay!
We may also have your pup spend time around, but not directly engaged with, other dogs. This is done for various reasons such as enhancing social skills, or learning to do certain behaviors around doggie distractions.

What's Included

Lodge & Learn includes:

  • Ample daily physical, mental, and emotional enrichment in a safe and enjoyable environment

  • Supervised and guided socialization opportunities

  • 3 - 5 daily behavior modification sessions that follows LIMA and the Humane Hierarchy

  • Daily updates including notes, photos, and videos

  • Follow up documents that review your pup's experience and include helpful learning references and step-by-step instructions for continued training in the home

  • An in-person take home lesson

  • a discounted one-hour in-person follow up lesson one week after your pup's Lodge and Learn stay


Lodge & Learn for pups in our One Step at a Time Program is $140 per 24hrs, with a required minimum first stay of one week.

Lodge & Learn for pups in or Canine Behavioral Rehabilitation Program is $180 per night, with a required minimum first stay of 2 weeks.

Lodging is available to current or past clients at $100 per night. 

The 24 hour period begins and ends at 9am each day. Partial Days will be charged at 50% of the 24hr cost. 

Pick Up from and Drop Off to your home are both available. There is a $25 travel fee for each.


Ready To Get Started?

To Request a Lodge & Learn as a new client, please fill out our consultation request form.

If you have scheduled a Lodge & Learn with us, please fill out our Lodge & Learn paperwork at least 48 hours prior to your pup's stay!

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