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"I'm interested in working with you, What's the Process?"

Updated: Apr 25

Everyone's journey will look a little different, because every team is made up of unique individuals with unique needs, wants, personalities, environments, and learning styles! That being said, there is still a general "flow" to our work together.

The first step in our journey is our pre-consultation form which reviews all of the important background information that helps us hit the ground running with specific questions and ideas.

With the form in hand, we have our in-person consultation. This two(ish) hour visit is where we get the lay of the land and all get to know each other. It gives us the opportunity to ask detailed questions, view the environment(s) in which the behaviors are occurring, answer all of your questions, meet your pup(s), discuss together to come up with an ideal welfare and modification plan tailored to everyone's needs and learning styles, and work on beginning exercises to make sure we know the best way to get things started. The consultation is followed by a detailed write up with topical resources and step-by-step guidance on management and training exercises.

After the consultation, there are various routes we may choose to take to best serve your family!

  • We offer a Lodge & Learn program, which is best for pups who need a focused jump start & immediate progress or for guardians who feel out of their depth and need time to reset and refresh before diving in to the training at home.

  • Alternatively, you may find our Trainer Takes the Lead program to be the best fit. In this program, we combine behavior modification sessions and family lessons to teach both you and your pup individually and together. This can be ideal for pups who have issues on walks, for families with busy schedules, or just to relieve some of the initial pressure that comes with trying to learn and teach at the same time.

  • Our in-home family lessons are our most common program chosen. These are scheduled weekly or every-other-week to start, and are spaced out over time based on the progress and needs of the team. As with any new skills - you'll need more guidance and support at the beginning, but over time we'll hit pockets where you and your pup are in the groove and working steadily on your own.

All of our programs include lesson notes and open communication for questions, concerns, or feedback. Behavior happens 24/7, so having access to us once a week isn't ideal. Instead, you're welcome to email or text us at any time and we will get back to you within 48hrs.

And that's it! The journey is full of ups and downs and laughter and sometimes some tears, but it's well worth it and pays off for life.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us! Or, if this sounds like a process you're comfortable with then hop on over to our Contact Us page and fill out our pre-consultation form. Once it hits our inbox we'll contact you within three days to schedule our consultation!

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