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Services for Shelters and Rescues

We are incredibly grateful for the work done by shelters and rescues around the globe, and are honored to support these amazing teams in their missions.

Using our education and experience to help shelters and rescues establish or elevate their behavior and welfare programs is a key part of our mission!

We are happy to assist with a variety of needs including but not limited to:

  • Behavioral consulting for specific animals. This can be done virtually or in person and can include hands-on training. 

  • Educating and developing practical skills for staff, volunteers, and fosters. Topics include safe handling practices, handling emergencies and animals demonstrating aggression, behavior, and welfare.

  • Program consultation and development. These programs include things like establishing resource libraries for in-house and the public, enrichment programs, and behavior protocols.  

As we know resources for shelters and rescues can be limited, we are happy to offer our services at a discounted rate.  

If your shelter or rescue is in need, please reach out to us at our email address:

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